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New In Person Classes Available!

Are you interested in learning how to create a caged wig?

Below is additional information about my in person classes this year!

To book a class, click the button below!


What cities are currently available?

Intro Classes-

New York City- December 2nd and 3rd

Las Vegas- January 13th and 14th

New Orleans- March 9th and 10th


All classes are 2 days from 10am-6pm both days.


New York and New Orleans- $900 USD 

Discounted Las Vegas Class- $600 USD

Class sizes are limited to 12 people.


Materials Includes that are yours to keep:

Cage building kit

Lace front synthetic wig and matching weft

Measurement Sheet for wig cage

Step by Step instructions for cage building

Materials list


All other materials and tools needed to build your cage and style your wig will be provided for the duration of the class.


What level of experience is needed for the intro class?

All levels of experience are able to take this class, however, knowing the wig fundamentals  (blocking, rolling, some styling) is recommended. This class is perfect for people who have never built a wig cage or styled a cage wig as well as people who have built cages before but would like a refresher and to learn different techniques

What will we learn in the intro class?

The first day of the class we will be focusing on building a Marie Antionette  inspired wig cage and different techniques for sculpting the wire and the many options for covering the cage. Then we will learn how to attach the cage to the wig and how to roller set your wig to create the waves. We will also talk about different options for creating different curl patterns and textures and you are welcome to create whatever design your heart desires!


The second day will be all about styling! We will talk about different back combing techniques, shaping the waves, securing the hair to the cage, and so many other tips and tricks to creating your rococo style. Once your style is done, we will discuss different methods for securing decorations to you wig and completing your caged wig!

Feel free to email me at if you have any additional questions!

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